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“Cannon + Co Law was successful in gaining two BCCM Orders for our Body Corporate in the last twelve months. As Chairman, their support and guidance enabled us to regain Common Property that was being misused. Their feedback was insightful and direct in progressing both our dispute resolutions. One of our judgments was, complex, but their experience and direction got us the result we deserved.”

Chairperson, Body Corporate - 12 Lots

As a Chairperson of a moderate sized complex (about 60 units) our committee was faced with outdated by-laws, that needed updating. At all times Cannon + Co Law provided expert advice offering the the committee various options for consideration in a friendly and timely manner. The outcomes in every scenario from changing the behavior of the complex to financial savings have proven invaluable. Cannon + Co remain our go-to legal advisor.

Chairperson, Body Corporate - 60 Lots

I am extremely pleased with this extraordinary personable legal firm. My experience is that they have acted promptly on my instructions and they have been readily available as for as contact either personally or by phone. They have explained the legal issues in a fashion that is easy to understand and guided me through the process. They have acted promptly without delay. I have no hesitation in in recommending Jessica and her firm for any legal problem you may have due to their knowledge, expertise and professional conduct.

Owner, Large body corporate